Thur-O Pest Management is a full service residential, commercial and industrial pest control company serving Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs for over 35 years. At Thur-O we are serious about eliminating your pest problems. Since 1985, we have been offering our community a variety of pest prevention and treatment strategies that safely and effectively target pests. We believe in preventing pest problems by identifying risk situations that lead to pest entry, and though we prefer non-chemical solutions whenever possible, when pesticides are required, we apply them in a way that minimizes their impact on non-target species. Whether it’s protecting your home or business, Thur-O has the most effective and reliable solution for your pest problem.

Our Team

Tim Harris

Accredited Wood Destroying Insect Inspector

Kathleen Harris


Allison Djerf

Office Manager

Torrey Djerf

Termite Specialist, Accredited Wood Destroying Insect Inspector, and Service Manager


Service Tech


Service Tech


Service Tech


Service Tech