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These tiny wood-eating pests can do tremendous destruction, causing over $5 billion in damage every year.


The number one nuisance pest in the USA. Many species but the average colony can be anywhere from 300,000 – 500,000 ants.


Rodents can present a number of threats to homeowners and businesses, don’t let these pests go untreated.

Spotted Lanternfly

New to the area in 2014 and rapidly expanding into nearby Counties and States.


Let’s face it, summer’s vacation will probably be your backyard; don’t let mosquitoes spoil the fun!

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Thur-O Pest Management is locally owned and operated and we know what an inconvenience pests can be and what a hassle it is finding an honest pest control company. We are committed to providing the best service at a fair price, and will always work to meet and exceed your pest control expectations.
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